About us

IPS Pirates company is a leading iPhone/iPod Touch Software Developer in Eastern Europe.

We have started to work in 2007 and became one of the first companies on this field. From that time we stored enough knowledge and experience to create project of every level of sophistication. Our main activity is developing software for Apple iPhone/iPod Touch and since recently for Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile. IPS Pirates develops both corporate and personal orders.

We consider ourselves as a company with a history. Do you know that we’ve started to develop our technologies a half a year before official iPhone release in Russia? That’s why we’ve become one of the market leaders soon.

The mission of IPS Pirates is to ease life for people due to Information Technologies and Solutions which our company creates.

In 2009 after a year and a half of hard work we’re spreading the area of our presence on IT market. Now IPS Pirates is managing three areas:

Outsource Development of Apple iPhone/iPod Software

Our company knows that IT-outsourcing is attractive way of working effectively. That’s why we’ve started to work on this market. Up to this moment IPS Pirates is able to develop software of every level for iPhone/iPod Touch.

We value constant partnership much more than once-only transactions and provide our clients with the instant help and support.
From the very beginning of our activity we are known for free consultations about the subject.

In part «Projects» you can see all works and projects created by our company.

Advertising in Mobile Applications. New-School Advertisement.

In the end of 2008 we’ve founded one new course of our business under the name New-School Advertisement. The main idea of this company was creating advertising space in Mobile Applications and on the iPhone respectively. It allows reaching the profitability in spite of simple promotion of your service.

At this time we offer this product to our mass-media partners and we call it NSAdv Media. Advertising on iPhone usually consists of banner advertising and promo-applications and IPS Pirates with great pleasure could provide you with all these services.

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Our Services

  • If you're an iPhone or an iPod Touch owner you might want to check out our products: client-applications for on line services, casual games and lifestyle utilities.
  • If you run a web site we can develop an client-application for your Internet-service.
  • If you have some interesting thoughts or ideas for a project we will help you realize them.
  • If you want to improve your business, we can centralize all the needed control tools inside you iPhone.
  • If you're a PC game developer, we are interested in buying licenses for your products.

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Clients & Partners

Our clients for the development of software for the Apple iPhone are the major commercial companies and government organizations such as the publishing house Kommersant, Department of Moscow Sports, payment systems WebCreds, PIK building group and others.