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With VCIOM mobile application you will be informed about the latest public opinion polls.

What kind of mass media do Russians trust most? What do they buy and sell? Who do they fall in love with? How do they choose their partners? What are their attitudes toward army, church, court and businessmen? Do they keep up with currency trends, and how do they keep their savings? What do they spend their money for, and what for do they get loans? What do they think about new laws?

In daily updates you will get the latest information about Russians` views on external and internal politics, social and economic situation in the country and in the world. Every week you will get VCIOM`s newest ratings of political parties and leaders, state and public institutions, social mood indices.

The Russian Public Opinion Research Center is a leading company studying public opinion in Russia. The company has conducted more than three thousand studies over three decades of its history.

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