I'm A Man

I'am A Man

The main goal of the program was to draw a wide public response. We've achieved that wonderfully.

“I'm a man” let's you track and calculate the duration and frequency of women's menstrual cycles . Unlike many other programs of this type, “I'm a man” let's you track several women at the same time. The application has 2 calendars: General calendar. When pressing on a date on a calendar you open up a list of women and for each one you'll see the current status of the menstrual cycle (menstruation, ovulation) as a pictogram. Personal calendar. It shows the pictograms representing the main stages of the menstrual cycle right on the calendar. You will see the periods set in directly by the user and the periods calculated by the program based on the information of the previous cycles.

Another feature of “I'm a man” is a system of passwords, letting you limit the access of people able to see the info inside. You can set a separate password for each of the women. Also there's the master password which let's you access the application settings and see the list of all the women stored inside the program. When you sign in to the program, the only menstruation cycles you will see are the ones matching that password and ones that have not been assigned one.

When adding a new woman to the list you can create a corresponding entry in the phone book and than give her a call by pressing her name on the application list.

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